Our Public Reviews


December, 2018
Brion P.
We purchased our car with Cheyenne and it was a great experience. We have never had such a easy purchase of buying a car as everything is
pretty much taken care for you. Everyone there was very helpful and we would recommend to anyone to buy their next car with Cheyenne. This
was our first time actually buying from in state and won't be our last.

November, 2018
Ben W.
I took my 2009 mini cooper in for an oil change, service was great, attendants were very courteous. What I didn't know is that I was entered to
win a Auto Spa Treatment, and I Won! I took in the Wife's 03 Honda Pilot and it's truly brand new, a very great job. THANKS!

November, 2018
Landan B.
We had a recall on our BMW 325i and they took care of it quickly and painlessly!

October, 2018
Matthew T.
Can't speak highly enough of this dealer. Car was priced right from the start and the process was super easy. Flew up from St. Louis on a Saturday,
finished paperwork in less than an hour and started my trip home. Thanks Spencer and the rest of the team in Sioux Falls.

Oct, 2018
White Chocolate
I've bought a lot of cars in my life. I've never been as happy with a car purchase as I am with my Cadillac from Luxury Auto Mall. C.J. in sales, Andy in finance,
Rich and Rod in service - they are the best at what they do. Highly impressed. 

September, 2018
Matthew T.
We bought our 4th car from Spencer Imus at Luxury Auto Mall. Always an awesome and smooth process. Can't say enough good things about
Spencer and Tyson. I highly recommend them when buying your next luxury vehicle

Sept, 2018
I have a Cadillac Escalade ESV that needed some work so I brought it over to this terrific dealership and they not only went through and fixed everything but they
also did a full inspection and brought up a few other things that needed attention and got those fixed as well... And they even gave my vehicle a nice washing
afterwards as a bonus.  Rob Pattinson and the rest of the service crew over there are super professional and very nice to work with.  they kept me informed by
phone throughout the entire process and also gave me a vehicle to use while my vehicle was in the shop.  I can tell you how hard it is to find good customer
service these days because everybody knows that.  This place gives you the good old fashion red carpet VIP service in everything they do.  I would highly
recommend this location if you need work on your Cadillac!  Well done! 

August, 2018
Bill C.
Carol Morken demonstrated doing business with passionate and professional people who care.  I would recommend Carol to anyone looking for a luxury vehicle
who appreciates an informed consultant who relates to the lives we all lead.  Thank you Carol! 

August, 2018
Victoria L.
I had my car worked on here before I started working here and I could just tell the environment and people here were the place to be.  Very good
people and service here.  They definitely take the time to work with each customer one-on-one. 

July, 2018
Jack B.
We bought a new ATS from these folks in January of 18. We put them through the ringer as we had a very specific car in mind.  They were incredibly patient with
us and found us exactly what we wanted.  6 months later and I still smile when thinking about our experience.  Doug, Andy and James treated us like we were their
only customer.  They bent over backwards to get us what we wanted.  What a great bunch of people.  Thanks again for the great experience!

Cadillac Reputation Management

July, 2018
Otto G.
Quality work, professional service!

June, 2018
Nickolas G.
I always have a great experience at Cadillac of Sioux Falls.  I am on my 5th Cadillac and I won't go anywhere else.  Thanks for taking care of your customers.

Cadillac Reputation Management