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Why get XPEL Paint Protection Film

XPEL is the only barrier between your car and the open road. It protects high impact areas including hoods, fenders, bumper, headlights, mirrors and more. XPEL is tested and proven to perform under the harshest conditions while maintaining the best appearance.

Protect from:
  • Rock Chips
  • Salt
  • Oils
  • Unwanted Scratches
  • Paint Fading
  • Tree Sap
  • Bird Droppings
  • Insect Acid
  • Oxidation
  • Day-to-day Environmental Contaminates
Developed in-house, XPEL's DAP (Design Access Program) is the world's largest & most comprehensive pattern repository. As an XPEL Certified Installer, we have access to the 80,000+ patterns offered by the DAP. You can be confident that the film will be applied efficiently, accurately and without concern.

Be confident:
  • Self-Healing Material
  • Will NOT Yellow, Crack, Fade or Discolor
  • Our installation techniques have been perfected with many years of combined experience and continued training