Vehicle Concerns with Temperatures this Low | Luxury Auto Mall of Sioux Falls

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We hope everyone is staying warm today.
If you are having any concerns with your vehicle (regardless of brand) we are here to help. Below is a quick list of common concerns with temperatures this low.
Tire pressure lights will likely be on due to the dramatic change in temperature. If you’d like us to check it out, we are open!
Shaking / vibrating steering wheel while driving: this can be caused by ice forming in your wheel wells - particularly if you’re driving and then parking your vehicle in a garage. When the snow or ice melts in a warmer garage, it can refreeze when your car and engine cools down.  This causes ice to form and creates an imbalance in the wheel balance. Our indoor shop can help thaw your rims - and get you back on the road.
Warning lights / sensors inactive - extreme cold can cause sensors to have errors triggering lights to be on. Please call us at 605-336-5060 so we can help determine how we can help.
Slow start / no start - cold batteries and engines can have a tough time starting. Roadside Assistance can help, or towing companies can stop by and try to jump start as well.
Cadillac/Mercedes-Benz/BMW drivers, if you are unsure if your car is under warranty - or with Roadside Assistance, you can call us at 605-336-5060 for information.

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