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The First Few Miles Were Just a Warm Up | CPO Vehicles Around Sioux Falls

The first few miles are just a warm up on our Certified Pre-Owned vehicles at Luxury Auto Mall of Sioux Falls.  Our gently used, low-mileage Cadillac, Mercedes-Benz and BMW CPO vehicles still have many new sites to see and roads to travel.  So, we decided to get our people into a few of them and take them on adventures around Sioux Falls.  They came back with great stories and the things they found they loved…
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What is CPO, and should it matter to you?

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How many times have you heard the term CPO and wondered what that means, or why it matters for you?  Certified Pre-owned vehicles come with all the benefits of buying new, but with a pre-owned value.  They come with manufacturer-backed inspections and warranties.  Although every manufacturer has its own standards, there are essential qualities that make our BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Cadillac vehicles three of the best CPO vehicle brands in Sioux Falls.
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3 Reasons to Feel Confident in a New Mercedes-Benz GLE in Sioux Falls

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When choosing a luxury SUV, every detail is put to the test.  Yet, do competitors still ask you to compromise one thing for another?  In some, safety is prioritized at the cost of style, or cargo space reduced for the benefit of power.   In a 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLE, you can have your cake, and eat it too.  Or in this case, multiple cakes.

You can be confident that when you choose a new 2017 GLE in Sioux Falls, you get all the benefits that are important in style, function and safety.  It’s the way Mercedes-Benz does it, the best…

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Why Buy a Retired Courtesy Vehicle from Luxury Auto Mall of Sioux Falls

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These courtesy cars and SUVs are hand-picked from our new BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Cadillac inventory.  They are gently driven for a short period of time and fully cared for and maintained by our service team, and then made available for sale. Retired courtesy cars and SUVs from Luxury Auto Mall of Sioux Falls offer an excellent opportunity to drive a new BMW, Mercedes-Benz or Cadillac at a lower price and still receive the full benefits of new vehicle rebates, incentives and offers.

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5 Reasons to Love the New Cadillac XT5 in Sioux Falls


Do you remember Gigglebees? Many of us in Sioux Falls remember the excitement of visiting the local pizza arcade on Minnesota Avenue. Today the rattly ski-ball machines, greasy pizza, and Wilbur – the beloved pizza-delivering coyote robot on a tricycle – are all long gone, but the experience of visiting Gigglebees left fond memories for many.
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